Apr 17, 2009

Wordle Your Resume

A coworker told me about Wordle a couple weeks ago and I can't get over how neat this idea is. The website allows you to paste text, enter a URL for a blog site, RSS feed, or del.icio.us website and see the connections and relationships between the words. It creates a "word cloud" that you can personalize by customizing the design, color, and font. The size of the words depend on how often it is used in the text.

"Wordling" your resume lets you see what word appears most often and can help you craft your resume to show off your strengths. I recently came across a blog post by tips for college resumes.

1. Pick your language carefully. Don't make yourself sound too much like a "student".
2. Draw a connection between your professional and organizational experience and what you would like to do.
3. Use keywords for that industry. Tweak your resume for the position or job you are applying for.

This is my resume Wordle'd. See what you think.
Wordle: Communication Student Resume

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